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MeterPro is used by utilities throughout the US
  • Analog Meter Reading Measurable accuracy improvement
  • Digital Meter Conversions Use less labor to archive exit measurements and recycle.

  • Reading utility meters is all about accuracy because errors cost money. Meter-Pro™ computer-based training for gas, electric and water meters is guaranteed to teach accurate meter reading - in just three days.

  • Reading utility meters is all about accuracy because errors cost money. Meter-Pro™ computer-based training for gas, electric and water meters is guaranteed to teach accurate meter reading - in just three days.

Small Errors Can Amount To BIG Dollars

Take an average employee reading 500 meters per day as an example:


99% Accurate If the meter reader were 99 percent accurate, s/he would make five errors per day (1 percent errors x 500 reads).

Costs Customers Up To $3000 A meter reader that misread one of their customer's meters cost a utility company $3,000. Save your company from costly mistakes now.

Assuming a 1 percent error rate, a utility that reads one million meters per year would see 10,000 errors. If only half - or 5,000 - of those errors required re-reads, at a cost of $35 per read. That is an annual loss of $175,000 that could be saved with Meter-Pro™
By purchasing Meter-Pro™, your meter readers will have 100% read accuracy in just three days!
End of Life Meter Process Completely and effectively remove analog meters for accurate documentation/verification on final reads. Avoid all issues from Analog to Digital with MeterPro
Meter-Pro ™ The industry standard in meter reader training
  • Reduce or eliminate re-reads and associated costs.
  • Screen applicants for meter reading positions - hire only the best.
  • Train new hires in three days or less.
  • Sharpen the skills of existing staff.
  • Improve productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.
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Meter-Pro™: The Worldwide Standard in Meter Reading Training

Professional Training Solutions, LLC: Analog, Digital and Smart Utility Meters

Accurately measuring power usage on analog meters is of utmost importance for utility companies and their customers alike. Companies use the data to project future expenses and revenues, and customers need to be charged for exactly what they use. The smallest error in reading gas or electric meters could greatly misrepresent real power usage and cause major problems.

That’s why you need the Meter-Pro™ meter reader training program. Professional Training Solutions has developed the most reliable meter reader training program for individuals and corporations around the world. Our program makes meter readers and meter field technicians highly accurate, ensuring you don’t waste precious dollars on errors, re-reads, billing corrections and customer complaints.

Professional Training Solutions set a new standard for efficiency in the domestic and global markets—a standard which continues to spread worldwide.

End-of-Life Digital Imaging Process Converts Analog Utility Meters to Smart Meters

Approximately 40% of U.S. households have converted to “smart” digital utility meters to measure gas, water and electricity use. In-home displays (IHDs) have become available for homeowners looking to track weekly, daily or even hourly power consumption. Conversion from analog to smart meters, accelerated by government incentives, is meant to lower national energy consumption and increase consumer awareness of their own power usage.

Professional Training Solutions has developed an imaging system for conversion, called the “end-of-life” process, in which the utility will replace all analog meters with smart meters. That could represent 1,000’s of meters a month. We built the Meter-Pro Imaging System to capture and store the final meter image, read the dials and meter serial numbers prior to disposal and recycling.

Our Meter-Pro Imaging System is efficient, accurate and can improve recycling costs to the utility. If your utility company is rolling out a large scale conversion to smart meters, no utility meter service company helps you make a smooth transition more affordably than Professional Training Solutions, LLC.

Revolutionary Meter Reading Training Program Reaches Out Internationally

More than 400 utilities and contractors rely on award-winning training programs from Professional Training Solutions for faster, easier, more cost-effective meter reader training. With over 30 years of experience, Meter-Pro™ is the industry standard for training meter readers, used by 90 percent of the largest utilities in the United States.

The program has spread internationally as well, employed in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. With 24/7 online access to meter reading training, companies around the world can rely on Meter-Pro™ no matter where they are. Meter-Pro™ reaches over seas and national borders to bring you the best utility meter reading training program.

This unique computer-based training program is available only from Professional Training Solutions, LLC.

Electric and Gas Meter Reading Training Program Decreases Errors and Cuts Costs

Professional Training Solutions software is easy to use, consistent, measurable, and requires minimal supervision. Trainees proceed at their own pace and receive immediate feedback and correction. Interpretation of individual practice and read test results enables you to identify potential problem areas specifically related to meter reading, and allows you to benchmark yourself against other Meter-Pro™ customers in an increasingly competitive utility environment. The program can also be used for group training, skill sharpening and objective screening of job candidates. Meter-Pro™ is also now available for sale over the internet, providing online training from anywhere at any time.

Meter-Pro™ teaches fast, accurate meter reading. It is the easiest, most effective way to train utility meter readers.

Avoid careless meter reading errors resulting in massive expenses. Invest in the Meter-Pro™ meter reader training program, and watch your revenue rise while labor spent on analog reading and conversion plummets.


Contact the utility meter experts at Professional Training Solution for a free trial of Meter Pro™ Online.
5 dial utility meter

The Meter-Pro™ software helps train four-dial, five-dial, and demand scale analog meter readers become familiar with any meter style.

Meter-Pro™ teaches fast, accurate meter reading. It is the easiest, most effective way to train utility meter readers.
Increase bottom line revenue through effective meter reading training Re-reads are big-time losers.

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