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Average Salary for a Meter Reader

Meter reader reading an analog meter

How Much Does a Meter Reader Make?

A meter reader makes $39,970 on average annually nationwide, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Deviations from the average are attributed to job experience, location and performance.

Recent Trends in Meter Reader Jobs

As analog meters continue to decline in favor of smart meters, meter reading has seen an overall decline in employment. The lesser demand for meter reading services has created an interesting outlook for the position based on the standard rules for supply and demand.

All figures courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

 Total meter reader employment has seen a steady decline in the 21st century, falling 26% since 2004. The decrease industry-wide has spreads pessimism about job prospects in the field. However, the decline in labor supply has had a curious, yet logically sound effect on annual wages.

All figures courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The average annual salary for a meter reader has increased 22% since 2004. What has happened? The meter readers remaining employed in the industry remain employed for a reason: they’re the best of the best. Accordingly—they get paid to be the best.

While entry into the field may be more difficult than it was 10 years ago, there is still demand for the work and an opportunity to make a good living doing it.

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