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How to Become a Meter Reader

Qualifications to Become a Proficient Meter Reader

Meter reader job careerThink you’ve got what it takes to be a meter reader?

Good news—meter reading is most often an entry-level position with on-the-job training, usually only requiring a GED or high school diploma. You will, in general, only need experience or vocational school if the position for hire includes a supervisory role. Prospective employers won’t be looking for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

The meter reader job description includes meeting potentially strenuous physical demands, working with customers, troubleshooting problems with utility meters and dealing with aggressive dogs. Meter reading is an exercise in repetition and concentration. To make it in the industry, based on recent trends in meter reading jobs, you need exceptional work ethic and stick-to-itiveness to make a career out of meter reading.

Some firms require meter readers to be 21, and you must be a licensed driver. You will be expected to complete a basic drug test and background test upon your application.

Only the best, most efficient meter readers who read electric, gas or water meters with 100% accuracy can be expected to stick in the field.

Training with Meter-Pro™ Makes You the Best Candidate for Employment

With the Meter-Pro™ meter reader training program, you equip yourself with the education necessary to become the best meter reader in the industry. Within three days of using Meter-Pro™, you’ll be reading utility meters with perfect accuracy.

Meter reader employers understand reader errors, no matter how rare, rack up expenses quickly due to high volume. Any prospective employee who can boast perfect meter reading skills via the industry standard in meter reading training, Meter-Pro™, will vault to the top of the list to be hired.

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