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Smart Conversion Process Spreading Worldwide

Analog Meters Swiftly Replaced by Smart Meters

Smart digital meter Many of the largest utilities in the United States have implemented plans to make sweeping, large scale conversions from analog to digital electric utility meters. Since 2007, according to the Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI), 43 million American homes replaced analog meters with smart meters (7 million total in 2007, 50 million in 2014). In 2015, 18 states will have more than half of their households equipped with a smart meter.

Although smart electric meters have met a stiff resistance in some circles, raising controversy and questions about potential health risks, major utility companies have embraced them due to many clear advantages:

  • Improved outage restoration
  • Hourly (or more frequent) recording of usage data
  • Better consumer awareness of power usage
  • Decreasing the cost of labor with digital meter reading

By monitoring electric consumption in real-time, customers and utilities can more easily work together and set effective plans for voluntary power conservation.

As smart meters become more and more fully integrated in the U.S. power grid, utility companies take increased measures to optimize information sent by smart meters to decrease expenses associated with data collection. Decreased expenses means savings for customers—and everyone is happy.

End of Life Imaging System Facilitates Efficient Bulk Smart Meter Conversion

The freight train of massive scale conversions to smart meters isn’t slowing down any time soon. As a more technologically-inclined public demands more control and transparency concerning their power using, the growth of smart meters will climb exponentially. Major utilities worldwide will be seeking the most efficient, affordable process available to engineer the transition.

Enter the end of life process from Professional Training Solutions, LLC.

The producers of the revolutionary Meter-Pro™ meter reading training program offer an imaging system for reading electric analog meters and storing them digitally. Recording each meter reading takes only a few seconds at a time, allowing utility companies to read and recycle huge quantities of analog meters extremely quickly, limiting costs and maximizing revenue.

Looking to streamline your budget for smart meter conversions? Professional Training Solutions has it covered—contact us today.

Contact our smart meter conversion professionals for more information on our end of life process.


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