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Smart Meter Conversion

Converting Analog Meters to Digital Meters Requires Accurate Meter Reading

Approximately 40% of households in the United States have converted from analog to digital smart meters to measure their power usage. Smart meters use a wireless signal to transmit power usage data to utility companies, making meter reading unnecessary.

Analog utility meters across the country and around the world are slowly being displaced by smart meters. Government agencies have rolled out sweeping plans to replace all analog meters with smart meters to save resources and make individuals more aware of their energy use.

The process of removing analog meters and replacing them with smart meters requires an accurate final read to eliminate errors, customer bill investigations and Public Service Commission complaints. While on-site meter reading services are in less demand in accordance with the transition to Smart Meters it still requires 100% accurate meter reading to make the conversion seamlessly from analog to digital. Meter-Pro™ is the industry standard for meter reader training, and helps to facilitate the switch by enabling meter readers to cycle out analog meters quickly and efficiently.

Professional Training Services Provides Imaging Services for Smart Meter Conversion

Our utility meter experts have developed a streamlined method to read and recycle analog utility meters, while simultaneously taking a final reading digitally. The process is called “imaging,” and works as follows:

  1. Analog meters are loaded onto a conveyor.
  2. The operator removes the meter covers and moves the meters into position beneath a high-resolution camera.
  3. The camera detects the meter displays and takes clear photographs of each.
  4. The computer program "reads" each photo and generates a reading and meter serial number.
  5. The operator reviews the image and verifies a good read.
  6. The meters fall into a recycling container at the end of the line.

This imaging service, also called the “end-of-life” process, reads and recycles analog utility meters in minutes. Utility companies around the globe looking to limit the expense of smart meter conversion won’t find a more efficient and affordable option.

Accurate End-of-Life Reading Ensures a Smooth, Inexpensive Transition to Smart Meters

The smart meter rollout presents many financial challenges to utility companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. Widespread transition is a big investment, and companies need to minimize the temporary spike in expenses.

With the ability to read analog meters digitally, combining the reading and recycling processes into one, the amount required to spend on labor and disposal plummets. The end-of-life process from Professional Training Solutions provides utility companies with the best, most affordable means of converting from analog to smart meters.

High quantities of accurate end-of-life readings generated in mere seconds with our imaging technology drastically cuts your costs and maximizes your revenue.

End-of-Life Digital Imaging Process Offers Unrivaled Cost Savings

Imagine it takes 4 of your employees to make a widget. Let’s say one of your managers develops and proposes a new process enabling only one employee to make the widget in less time at a lower cost. The decision is a no-brainer. You make the change, make a huge cut in your budget for labor and very likely promote your manager!

When your utility company decides to engage in a large-scale conversion from analog to smart meters, you face the same decision. Professional Training Solutions offers an efficient digital imaging system for conversion, providing you with dramatic cost savings during an expensive transition period.

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