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Accurate End-of-Life Analog Meter Reading

Risks of Manual Meter Reading Eliminated with Imaging System

Converting from analog to smart meters with as little waste in the budget as possible requires perfectly accurate meter reading in as little time as possible. Performing a 100% accurate end-of-life reading is crucial to billing customers properly in advance of replacing their analog meter with a new smart meter.

Professional Training Solutions offers an imaging process able to read meters in bulk at 100% accuracy, minimizing your expenses during the transition more than any other company can promise. Our meter reading training experts remove analog utility meter covers, take a digital reading using a high-resolution camera, store the data, and recycle the meters.

After the meter has been read and interpreted by our imaging system, our operators, trained with the revolutionary Meter-Pro™ meter reader training system, double-check readings flagged by the program as unclear or uncertain.

With checks and balances in place, the imaging system ensures accurate readings and the most affordable method for making large scale transitions to smart meters.

Meter-Pro Training Program Reduces the Cost of Re-Reads and Errors

Small errors can amount to big dollars. The snowballing effect can be a stealthy siphon on your bottom line revenue. Take an average employee reading 300 meters per day as an example:

  • If the meter reader were 99 percent accurate, he or she would make three errors per day (1 percent errors x 300 reads).
  • If these errors caused three customers to be billed incorrectly by only $10 each, that meter reader's mistakes would cost your customers $30 per day!

Re-reads are big-time losers.

  • Assuming a 1 percent error rate, a utility that reads one million meters per year would see 10,000 errors.
  • If only half—or 5,000—of those errors required re-reads, at a cost of $35 per read, that is an annual loss of $175,000!
Save thousands of dollars! Contact meter reading experts at Professional Training Solutions for more information on our end-of-life process for analog to smart meter conversion.