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Analog to Digital Meter Conversion Process Demanded Worldwide

Smart Utility Meter Use Spreading Rapidly Around the World

Smart meters present huge benefits for electricity, water and gas consumers and producers alike. Smart meters record energy usage more precisely, limiting volatility in the industry and lessening price fluctuations for users. Consumers owning smart meter systems featuring an in-home display (IHD) and Smart Phone apps may track their usage on an hourly (sometimes more frequent) basis, and can see clearly when their usage peaks.

The implementation of smart meters means more accurate billing and potential for widespread energy conservation.

The number of installed smart meters in the United States has risen dramatically in the early 2000s and continues to rise annually, reaching the 50 million mark in 2014. That’s about 43% of U.S. homes.

Utility companies will be converting analog meters over to smart meters in massive quantities. They need an efficient, affordable option to make conversions and save money during the changeover. Professional Training Solutions offers the best system available to facilitate the transfer.

End-of-Life Process Converts Analog Reading to Digital for Huge Cost Savings

Professional Training Solutions offers a meter reading system for the analog-to-digital conversion that slashes costs across the board. Our digital imaging system reads analog meters and stores them in a database in a fraction of the time it would take for humans to do it alone.

Our machinery, programmed using the revolutionary Meter-Pro meter reader training system, reads analog meters in seconds, able to take readings in bulk and store them digitally for later reference and billing. The analog utility meters can then be recycled quickly and efficiently on the spot.

When you need to read utility meters in bulk in order to convert to smart meters, no other provider of meter reading service expedites the changeover more affordably than Professional Training Solutions.

Contact utility meter professionals today for more information on the end-of-life process.