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Imaging Service Converts Analog Readings to Digital Data

Meter Reading Experts Provide Bulk Analog to Digital Meter Conversion

For thirty years, Professional Training Systems and the Meter-Pro meter reading training program has been the industry standard in training meter reading. We have used our expertise to develop the best system for converting analog utility meters to smart meters on a large scale: a process called “meter imaging.”

The Imaging Process: Digitally Reading Analog Utility Meters

  1. Analog meters are loaded onto a conveyor.
  2. The operator removes the glass or plastic meter covers and placed in the designated recycle bins.
  3. Meters are moved into the imaging station beneath a high-resolution camera.
  4. The operator moves each meter into position beneath the camera and takes clear photographs of each.
  5. The computer program “reads” each photo and generates a digital reading and meter serial number.
  6. The operator reviews the image and verifies a good read.
  7. The meters fall into a recycling container at the end of the line.
  8. The data is stored in a database and can be referenced at any time for billing purposes.

Save Thousands Transitioning from Analog Utility Meters Using Digital Imaging System

Utility companies face numerous expenses when making a widespread switch from analog to smart meters for their customers. It takes a handful of specialized services to read an analog meter, report its usage, store the data accurately and efficiently, and recycle the meters correctly.

Professional Training Solutions, LLC is the one company capable of completing this process all at once while employing the least amount of manpower, greatly limiting your costs. We use our advanced high-definition camera and digital meter reading technology to read and store analog meter readings in only a few seconds at a time.

For more information on the digital imaging process for converting from analog meters, contact our meter reading experts today.